"The Usual Silence"

"When an average Joe with average problems encounters someone truly grieving, it's an experience that he won't forget."

The Usual Silence Teaser Trailer

"Moving Day"

"When terminal illness strikes, one couple calls it quits, and for all the right reasons."

Moving Day Trailer

"Birthday Boy"

"The best present on the worst day."

The most high-octane extreme musical of 2011.

48 Hour Film Contest Entries

These short films were written shot and edited in only 48 hours.  These contest entries were excellent avenues to hone our craft. 

***Winner - Audience Award***

"A high noon showdown on the digital frontier."

Our entry to the 2010 48 Hour Film Project, Dallas. 

"A superhero's secret power is also his biggest weakness." 

Our entry to the 2011 48 Hour Film Project, Austin.

***Winner - Best Costume Design***

"A wrangler tries for one more shot in the Wild West."

Our entry into the Dallas 48 Hour Film Contest, 2012