Client Samples

Providence Health Center - Phase 2 of the Closer to You campaign launched in 2015 with four new commercials focusing on their "Call to Serve". 

Providence Health Center - "Team Providence" 

Providence Health Center - Phase 1 of the Closer to You campaign launched in 2014 with six commercials showcasing their facets of care. 

Providence Health Center - Closer to you - Campaign Phase 1

Spec Commercials

iKan Corporation

***FIRST PLACE WINNER*** of the 2011 iKan short film competition: "Where's the Missing Piece?"

"Its imaginative blending of ikan products into a great take of the noir detective genre actually earned it a perfect score from one of the judges."

Mozilla Firefox

***NORTH AMERICA RUNNER-UP*** of the Firefox Flicks 2012 Contest

"Scooter has big plans, and he's on the go! He gets mobilized with Firefox OS -- bringing the web to anyone, anywhere."

Music credits: Jason Shaw, "You So Zany" and Justin Nihiser, "Starry Eyes All Night"

Doritos - "Chip-huahua"

"Chip-huahua, you know, guard dog for my Doritos."

Our entry for the 2012 Doritos contest. Watch out, she bites.

Pepsi-Max - "ZombieMax"

"In a zombie apocalypse there's only one way out."

Our submission for the 2011 Doritos/Pepsi Max "Crash the Super Bowl" contest. Hey, it could happen.